Freedom Screens

Freedom Screens was founded in the year 1999, in Queensland, Australia. For years it has been a leader in providing customer screening solutions. It wasn’t until 2014, when Mr. Dilip Patel realised the necessity for advanced screening technology in India, that he started Freedom Screens India.

Its quality innovations and designs have made Freedom Screens a pioneer in retrofit retractable screen solutions. The company made its debut almost two decades ago, and yet continues to be a forerunner in commercial and residential screen technology.


  • Pick from a wide range of colours, designs and materials.
  • Our screens can either be pulled down or sideways, making it hassle-free and convenient to use.
  • Screens are made of sturdy, long-lasting and durable materials.
  • All the frames can be customised to fit your needs, to either blend in with your existing interiors out stand out from them.


With Freedom Screens Doors you don’t have to worry about dust, dirt, wind, rain or bugs, our screens will ensure that you are always protected. Our best feature is that we can customize each design as per your requirements are create doors that can cover a space of 26 feet wide and 10.5 feet high. This expansive quality has helped us make a name for ourselves in the industry by enabling us to cover large spaces with ease.

Our Product Range

  • Infinity Screen
  • Pleated Screen
  • Smart Screen
  • Smart Screen Motorised

You will also get a variety of screen options to choose from that include:

High-Transparent Mesh
- It is used in properties that have beautiful scenery. It provides a clear view from near and far.
Pool & Patio -It is used in small homes and this particular mesh provides great cross-ventilation.  
Tuff Screen Mesh- It is strong and durable. It is tough and can bear bites and tears usually caused by animals and insects.
The Fabric Screens -It comes in two varieties, sheer and blackout with a wide range of colours. If you are looking for some privacy go for the blackout. But if you want a full view go for sheer Fabric.
Vinyl Screens- It is mostly used in areas that have monsoons all year round.


Freedom Screens windows are easy to set up and they are built to be compact so they can easily be put away in their casements, when they are not in use.  The mesh that we use in our window products serves a dual purpose: insect protection and sun shade. Our window screens can be designed to fulfil all of your specifications. The screens have a maximum width of 6 feet and height of 5 feet.

We provide screens for a variety of window types including:


The various options available for screens are:
High-transparent Mesh - If you want an unobtrusive view of your surroundings this is the perfect solution for you. It enables great air circulation and protection from insects.
The Pool & Patio Mesh - it is the ultimate simple screen solution. It is highly steady and can withstand high speed winds and weather changes.
Tuff Screen Mesh - It is vinyl coated, made of polyester and serves as an insect screen. It is mostly used in spaces that are always in use. It is highly resistant to wear and tear.


Our Outdoor Screens are designed for balconies and porches. We have a wide variety of screen and frame options for you to choose from. Our outdoor screens can span up to 16 feet wide and 10.5 feet high. Freedom Screens outdoor options allow you to enjoy the great outdoors without any hassles. You can stay cosy and comfortable all day with the help of our outdoor screens.

The various options are available for outdoor screens:

High-Transparent Mesh -If you want an unobtrusive view of the outdoors with optimal cross-ventilation go for our high transparent mesh.
Pool & Patio Mesh - This range of meshes are extremely strong and long-lasting. It is ideally used for domestic purposes.
Tuff Screen Mesh - If you have a particular area of the building where the screen is prone to constant wear and tear, the tuff screen mesh is the option for you. It is highly recommended because of its super strength and durability.
Fabric Options - We have two fabric options, the sheer and blackout blinds. The sheer screen provides complete view and enables sunlight to fill your house while the blackout blind provides complete privacy.