Gubbins Mesh


Imported high tensile stainless steel security mesh, due to its sturdiness, excellent guard capability and beautiful appearance, it is being widely used for security by incorporating into doors/windows/ skylites etc made of aluminium, wood or other steel structures. With its exceptional anti corrosion property, these screens are long lasting and maintenance free.

SUS 304 marine grade wires with different diameters are high tensile in nature, plain woven to 11/14 strands per lineal inch weft and 11/14 strands per lineal inch warp. The woven mesh is powder coated as per industrial standards and recommended for durability.


  • Wire diameters: 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1.0mm, 1.2mm
  • Wire grades: 304, 316
  • Weave types: Plain weave, crimped weave
  • Different powder coat shades
  • Standard sheet sizes: 1.5*3m, 1.3*2.6m, 1.2*2.4m and as per request*.
  • Customised sizes are available on request.


  • High tensile SS woven duly imported.
  • Quality powder coating as per industrial standards.
  • No sagging even in harsh weather conditions.
  • Anti theft properties
  • More transparency due to no bars.
  • Insect control due to very small openings.
  • Fall prevention.
  • Easy and zero cost maintenance process.